The Painter
All those paint colors making your head spin?  An in-home consult with 2 designers will render you color happy.  Just be careful, you may end up wanting more!
From $350

The Wanderlust
 Make those white walls work in your favor!   Accessorizing and utilizing existing furniture for low budget, high design.  Just because it's a rental, doesn't mean you can't leave your mark.
From $500

The Maestro
 Need help orchestrating your next DIY project?  We'll present a digital package complete with a design concept, furniture plan, virtual room rendering and suggested materials for your interpretation.  Unleash your inner designer with a little creative conducting. 
From $750

The Actress
Selling a home would give anyone stage fright!  Allow us to help you de-clutter and showcase your house as someone's next home.  Future buyers will give you a standing ovation!
From $750

The Baker
Working with a developer and overwhelmed by all the choices?  Let us help you select the right mix of ingredients to cook up a place to call home.
From $1,000

The Acrobat
Is your current flip quickly becoming a flop?  Adding a designer to your team will elevate your rehab to the top of its game.  Smart decisions, tight(rope) budget, fast sell.
From $1,500

The Big Kahuna
Somewhere over the rainbow, your house can transform into a home for your Ohana.  Includes, soup-to-nuts design services starting with a consultation & ending with everyone stopping by to say, "Aloha!"
From $100/Hour

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